Emerging Social Media: Seven Trends To Watch

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Last week I was thrilled to be invited to speak about emerging social media at the Kiplinger Program’s Social Media Summit at Ohio State University.

In my talk I identified and talked through some examples of a few larger trends in technology generally and social media in particular and I thought I’d share those with you here:

  1. The Pinterestification of The Web Everything – The rapid growth of Pinterest and the outsized impact a relatively small site in absolute terms has had on the design of today’s web.
  2. Visual Publishing Comes Into Its Own – How the wide adoption of mobile technology and tools like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr have democratized the publishing of visual content in the same way blogging democratized the publishing of textual content.
  3. Conversations as Content – The rising popularity of forum and discussion sites and experiments seeking to elevate the quality of discussion on the web.
  4. Open Alternatives – A number of experiments with open source, community-driven alternatives to incumbent social media behemoths (particularly Facebook and Twitter).
  5. The Power of Small Numbers – The move from mass to niche as reflected in the proliferation of apps and tools that seek to do one thing particularly well (instead of trying to do everything) and the development of niche communities around increasingly narrower interests.
  6. Content Context is King – It’s no longer enough to just create great content. Increasingly it’s important to think about how, where, when and on what device content will be consumed so that you can tailor the content appropriately to fit the context.
  7. Wearable and Embedded Computing – Powerful computers are moving off of our desktops and out of our pockets and into our homes, cars and even our eyeglasses.

You can see more examples of each of these trends in the slide deck from the presentation here:

Stay tuned! In my next post (part two of this presentation) I’ll talk about how deal with the proliferation of social media sites and tools and how to decide which make sense for you or your organization.