No One “Likes” A Sad Panda (on Facebook)

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man in a panda costume outside of an airport terminal

If you manage a Facebook page (or even if you don’t, and just like to be “liked”), here’s a quick tip.

Last week, Facebook, among other things, decided to make their “Like” buttons pervasive throughout the site (and the universe).

While “Like” is not new, it draws more attention to the importance of being well “liked” on Facebook.

As a Facebook page administrator, the way to get your posts to be more “sticky” (that is, to show up longer in the “Top News” section of your fans likers’ or friends’ newsfeeds) has been to get a lot of “likes”, comments or interactions (audio or video plays) relative to the number of total fans likers your page has.

So, to get a lot of visibility you need to post stuff that draws either “likes” or comments.

Which do you think will get more “Likes”:
sad panda

Answer: No one “Likes” a sad panda.

Even on Facebook.

So, let’s pretend sad panda there is a breaking news story and we NEED to post it. Since we know he’s not going to get likes, we need to get people to comment on the post.

Fortunately, Facebook makes that pretty easy.

panda is still sad

Use the comment field above the posted item to encourage people to comment.

Now, even though your post still isn’t going to get many “Likes” (that panda is still looking pretty sad), at least you’ll get a lot of comments from people eager to help cheer the little guy up (or, in a more applicable situation, from people who want to help solve some complex policy issue, stop genocide, fix the ozone layer, etc.)

Post photo credit: JasonScottJones (flickr)

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