SXSW Panel Aims to Give Islam a Brand Makeover

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I attended and interesting session at SXSW this morning entitled “Rebranding Islam in America.”

It’s a topic that I’ve been following for a while, though, admittedly not as closely as when I was working on Muslim Voices back at WFIU.

From the panel’s description:

Stopping terrorism in America and the views Americans have of their fellow Muslim Americans cannot be resolved by a better brand campaign, but it surely wouldn’t hurt. In this era of accessible information, does Islam need a new brand identity? Can we create a campaign using modern communiques of social media and messaging that clearly divorces Modern Islam in America from the terrorists?

The panel was moderated by journalist Joel Mowbray and included:

  • Alona Elkayam (321 Takeoff)
  • Daisy Khan (American Society for Muslim Advancement)
  • Michael Maslansky (maslansky luntz+partners)
  • Zeenat Rahman (Interfaith Youth Core)

I put together a few highlights from the session for Muslim Voices using Storify: